Outside My Window: Cat Fight

It’s mid-morning of an autumn day and the sun is leaking out a last burst of rays before the rain rolls in. My small home office, so dark in the afternoon and evening, is filled with sunlight. This is my favourite time of the day; when the house has emptied and the day is still ripe with possibility.

As I raise my second cup of hot black coffee to my lips, there is a sudden explosion of sound outside the window, and my arm jerks, hot brown tears of coffee spilling over the sides of the mug. The noise is indeterminate at first – a crashing or violent hissing, maybe – and then a piercing banshee wail erupts from right below the windowsill.

A cat fight. The hideous howling is familiar, and I am on my feet and at the front door without having made a conscious decision to intervene. By the time I get there, a small but agile tabby cat is slinking away, slipping through the wrought-iron gate into the street. Kitts trots over to me from the undergrowth of bushes by the window, proud and purring, a precise and vivid line of blood dashed across her white nose.

And I realise; Kitts has no conception of her own mortality. At fifteen years of age, she is comparatively slower than she used to be – she spends the vast majority of her days sleeping, and when I stroke her back I can feel her bony shoulders through the still-sleek orange fur. But in her mind, she is immortal, invincible. A young, fit cat dares to invade her territory and she retaliates. For Kitts, there are no greater consequences beyond the now.

I hold my hand out for her eager rubbing cheeks; her stiff whiskers bristle against the back of my hand. And for a moment I wish I could share her sense of timelessness.

Outside My Window is a weekly series every Saturday on Sirens & Muses where I write a short vignette based on something I see outside my window, outside my door, or on the streets around my area. It’s a bit late this week due to illness!


15 thoughts on “Outside My Window: Cat Fight

    • Hah yeah, I changed her name for the story because it’s 50% fiction but my cat (Bumble) did indeed get in a scrap the other morning, and it was my dad who went outside and saw the tabby. She’s fine! 🙂

  1. Nice! The title drew me in. I was somewhat misled, though, (most probably my own misleading) I was really looking forward to hearing about women fighting outside your window!

  2. I have just started reading your “Outside My Window” posts. The stories are throbbing with the life blood of self-realisation. The intense beauty of interpersonal symbiosis. The dew drops of vitality. I have truly enjoyed them!

    Thanks for stopping by http://inadvertentlyincorrigible.wordpress.com and liking some of my posts. I look forward to reading much more of your lovely, lovely writing.

  3. I live in an area where possums fight. They are very tough creatures – one of them attacked my German Shepherd and sliced his nose open! The cats also fight with them, but I think the possums usually win!

    Great post 😉

  4. Cats are warriors and care nothing of life or death. They live like they are never going to die and, once they know they have to, they just quietly wander off.

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