Chocolate, rhubarb cake, and dSLR…

It’s been an exciting day in a pretty uneventful manner. Breakfast of porridge and Easter eggs; a few hours spend tearing my hair out over college assignments; then a few hours messing around with my dad’s dSLR, resulting in a couple hundred photographs of my cat (!).

The whole photography thing is not completely new to me, as I had a fairly decent SLR before digital ones existed. I was about 10 years old at the time though, and functioned entirely through auto functions, so I’m experiencing the fun of messing with aperture and shutter speed and whatnot. I’ll be posting a few on here once I’ve set up the software on my laptop.

My photographs are still obviously very limited, as I’m very new to this, but I’m finding that my old love for it is being rekindled. As always, Bumble is serving as my main subject. At least these days I won’t be going through role after role of film!

My day was finally wrapped up with a bown of rhubarb upside-down-cake and custard. Yum. Gotta love Easter.


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