Easter is coming…

So time to brace myself for the baragge of chocolate. I think I can handle it.

College has essentially taken over my life, so the next four weeks of my life are shaping up to be a haze of assessments, group projects, lectures and a lot of time sitting in front of my laptop. It’s a lonely old existence, but at least the end is nigh – my thesis over the summer will, by comparison, leave me swathes of free time during which to do photography classes, learn ballet, and meet the love of my life while walking my cousin’s new puppy.

Or, well, I might have some form of life at least.

And I might take a few photographs with an actual real camera. In the meantime, I’ll bow my head and battle my way through the storm, hoping that come May, we might have some more of the ridiculous weather we had back in March.


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