NaNoWriMo Makes You Busy

I’m aware that I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit – no posts in the past week! – and I’m sorry about that. But at the moment, NaNoWriMo is taking up all my creative juices.

I hit 32,000 words today, and the end is creeping up. It will be a really meaningful achievement for me to finish this – but I’ll be taking a break from writing for December, I think! I’m not exactly sure why it’s so taxing, as I’m not doing a whole lot else with my time, and I usually get my 2,000 words written within 2-3 hours. But I’m just so tired all the time. Maybe it hasn’t helped that I’ve been sick!

It also doesn’t help that I’m still getting used to sharing a bed with someone. It’s not every night, for sure, but it’s probably at least three nights a week – and I’m finding it hard to adjust! At the moment I’m doing fine up until about 7am (we tend to get up at about 9am, we’re night owls) but then after that I find that my boyfriend keeps twitching and turning and keeps me awake for most of the rest of the morning. I’m hoping that I’ll get used to it and learn to sleep through a little bit of moving around!

Anyway, that’s my life at the moment, pretty much. There’s a lot of other stuff I want to be doing right now, but my energy levels are just too low. But hopefully come December I can catch up on everything else.

I hope everyone else doing NaNo is happy with their progress so far too!

Becoming a Librarian

Apparently, becoming a librarian is a lot of hard work. I’m learning this the hard way, becoming qualified for the job via a year-long Masters degree. I am well aware that I witter on a lot about how much college work I have to do before the beginning of May, but seriously guys. Seriously. It’s serious.

So serious that insomnia, my old friend, has returned for a visit. I’m not even aware of my levels of stress until I try to relax in the evening and realise that I have a knot of anxiety resting just above my stomach. If I think about it hard enough, I feel as though I could cry. I might even feel better if I did, but all I can manage is a sort of manic glint in my eye.

Anyway, my dad doesn’t like me bringing his dSLR back to my apartment, and I wouldn’t have anything to photograph or time to photograph it in around here anyway. But I might stick up an old photo or two soon. I do have my point & shoot here though, which produces the occasional nice photo, so I guess really I’m just too tired and busy.

I really like the immediacy of photography for tiding me over creatively during these manic times, though. Writing something sometimes doesn’t take me long, but only if I’m in the right mood for it. Painting, drawing, writing and recording a song – all pursuits beyond my reach right now. But I love that I can go outside with my cat, my dad’s camera, and preferably some sunshine, and within half an hour or so might have a few photographs out of 100 that I actually really like.

I think if I ever do get “serious” creatively it’ll be with writing rather than visual mediums, but you never know. I’m excited for the summer when I might have more time get out and wander around with a camera, and see where it all goes. I’m hoping that it will lead me back to drawing and painting. I’d love to find my medium with visual art – maybe this year I will.