Stress versus Happiness

I’ve come to believe that happiness is not so much the absence of unhappiness, but the absence of stress.

I also can’t understand why deciding to not be stressed isn’t enough to kick the habit. I have over time tailored my life so that it should be possible for me to work towards my goals without putting myself under undue pressure. I thought that doing things I love would eliminate the stress even if I was very busy. But now I wonder if stress is more innate to my brain, and it’s something that will take more invasive intervention.

I actually feel sometimes that I made a choice at some point between stress-free and doing something I love. The job I work now is largely stress-free; more than most other things I could be doing. But I’ve chosen to work part-time and gradually ease out of this career. Why? It’s just too boring. It’s not meaningful to me. I have nothing invested in it.

So if you are invested in your career, does it have to be stressful? I don’t think so, but I’m still trying to figure out how. If stress is a personality trait or a habit, then I just need to train myself out of it. I’ve been gradually working on living in the now, and perhaps that is my ticket towards greater well-being.


3 thoughts on “Stress versus Happiness

  1. Hi Aine, good to see you back here! I totally get where you are coming from in this… I’m coming at it from the direction of having been way too stressed doing what I supposedly ‘love’. I am now in the process of simplifying and about to start a much more straightforward part-time job, that will let me write in between. And hoping that this will let me balance the two. Though I do find a tendency to create reasons to ‘stress’ in the times when I ought to be coasting. So maybe it is inbuilt?

    • Hi Alarna! Good to hear from you again. And it’s great to hear that someone else has this problem, haha! I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s inbuilt… but I’m certain it can be unlearned! Good luck with your changes, I’d love to keep up with them – will you be blogging about it?

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