Under Foot

I absolutely love this time of year. Sure, the days are quickly shortening, and we have maybe less sunshine and more rain than in the summer (though this year the summer was so awful there was no perceptible change except in the temperature). But there’s something about the clear light, the crisp mornings, the autumn colours, that set my heart pumping with joy.

I was laden down with a full backpack and my camera in my handbag when I stepped out into the street on Saturday afternoon. The sun had just come out and the street was lit up, pavements covered with fallen leaves. I just had to heave everything off my back and take some pictures.

I put my camera into a more accessible area in my bag and continued on my towards the canal – the way to my boyfriend’s flat. I took a few more photos on the way.

It’s funny, I seem to always become more active at this time of the year when everything is dying and declining. There are a lot of squirrels around my neighbourhood at the moment – one particular friend hangs around in my back garden every day, burying nuts in the flowerbeds for winter. Sometimes I feel like those squirrels – a scurry of creative activity spurred by the dropping temperatures and falling leaves.

So for the moment I am very happy – I am writing more and taking more photographs than ever before, and it feels as if the rest of my life is truly starting.


18 thoughts on “Under Foot

  1. Darn, I’m really envious of you and your camera at the moment. I love how you captured those autumn colours of the leaves 😮

    • Aw thanks! Yeah I’m rather in awe of my camera myself, I have to say. It’s like the excitement of a new toy when you’re a child. 😀

  2. I love this time of year, too. I don’t know what it is about the light. Like you said, it’s clear. And the air is thin, or something. Maybe it is because the sun is further away? There’s probably a scientific reason for it. It makes the colours faded but vibrant, like old colour film.

    Great photos and nice words. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah I think it’s something to do with the sun shining through the atmosphere at an angle or something! And in autumn we still get enough sunshine to notice it or something. Thanks very much!

  3. Sorry, but it’s a sad time of year, it’s telling us that winter is on the way, the only benifit is the the colour and the light, much like you I guess I feel the need to dash out there and make the most of the last light of the year!……LOL
    I like your long shadows!…..;)

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