Skies, rooftops and street lamps

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of carrying my camera around with me – it’s a little difficult, as I often feel like it’s an extra weight and burden that I don’t want to be carting around in my bag as I walk in or out of town. But last week, it paid off. I had been for a few drinks with an old university lecturer of mine and was on my way to my boyfriend’s flat for dinner. The sun was going down, and the light on the buildings and the colour of the sky inspired me to take a few snaps. For the first one, I really wished I had a telephoto lens on me, as I really wanted to capture the statue on top of the church with the new moon beside him. But I’m happy enough with the results.


11 thoughts on “Skies, rooftops and street lamps

  1. I really liked the last two pictures, the blacked out buildings are a nice contrast and in the final picture the lamposit in the middle of a V formed by the buildings. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The best way to carry a camera is to use a “snappy” compact?…… If i had to carry an SLR my bag is currently around 18Kg without the tripod!….:( It is better to get that less than perfect shot than no shot at all!…;)
    I’ve always been a sucker for sky shots, but that lamp post is special too!…… thanks for sharing your walk!…..

    • Mmm true, I find if I don’t carry around the SLR I hardly take any photos! I definitely don’t bring it anywhere, but taking it with me when it’s feasible has worked out nicely. I really should stick my point and shoot in my bag when I don’t bring the SLR though! Thanks, glad you liked them 🙂

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