Yesterday, I finally got my own camera – courtesy of my parents, as a present in celebration of finishing my Masters. The first couple of photographs I took this morning weren’t great, I’m still very much getting used to it, particularly with gauging light and using the AF.

However, you can expect lots more photographs on here in the future, I hope! I think me and my Canon are going to be largely inseparable from now on. The pictures above, taken about half an hour ago, are of a scene you might be familiar with, from my study room window in my parents’ house. But from tomorrow, my camera will be coming out into the world with me, so I’ll finally get to branch out beyond this house and garden.

I’ve been a little more slow with writing and posting over the past few days than I meant, as I’ve been trying to sort out social welfare and do other such errands. I’ve also been utterly exhausted for the past few days – I think the ordeal with the tooth pulling and Masters finishing is still slowing me down. But I’ll rest easier once all the immediate bits and pieces I need to do are finally sorted out.


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