Work-free, tooth-free

Well, I finished the librarianship Masters last Friday, so I guess that makes me officially a qualified librarian. It’s all been a bit of an anticlimax though, because I had the pesky tooth finally removed the previous Tuesday, and I ended up not being able to do any more work on it after that. It was lucky it was a group thesis, as it meant the rest of the group could take over with getting it in, otherwise I might’ve had to get an extension.

So basically the past week has been a haze of recovery. I spent three days looking like a chipmunk and vomiting regularly, which was a lot of fun. And then I ended up with a fluey thing on top of the tooth pain and discomfort. But over the past few days I’ve finally been feeling more like myself. I’m hoping to get back to photography over the next few days, and writing too.

With the end of this masters, and the start of a new (renewed) relationship, right now is very much a time of change and new beginnings. I’ve had the time and space to do a lot of thinking – about my writing, about where I want to go from here, what direction I want my life to go in. And also about larger philosophical and existential questions that I regularly come back to.

I feel that I want this blog to take a slightly different turn, but I’m not sure how. I like the idea of having a better structure to it – maybe a specific type of writing each week, and particular days when I post photographs, to give it some structure. I absolutely love The Boy With A Hat’s 50-word stories, so I suppose that kind of thing is what I mean, though of course I don’t mean to copy him!

Alternatively, I might start a new category of posts. I picked up a pencil and drew for a while today for the first time in years, so who knows, maybe that will turn into something.

For the moment, it’s over and out. But I’m hoping to reinvigorate Sirens & Muses very soon!


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