My research project presentation is on Thursday, and I’ve been sick for about 10 days. So to cheer myself up and reward myself after a long day of sighing over my laptop, I’ve been watching movies in the evening. There are hundreds of movies that I’ve been recommended over the years, but it turns out that thinking of all of them is basically impossible. Still, I’ve been managing to get around to watching a lot of classics, the kinds of movies that everyone has seen and can’t believe when I tell them I haven’t. Yesterday, it was Groundhog Day. Today, When Harry Met Sally.

I used to feel like watching a movie in the evening was too long a commitment of time, but then I realised that if I sat down to watch an episode of something, I would inevitably end up watching at least two, and if it’s a 45-minute long programme then that’s the length of a movie right there. And watching movies is just so much more satisfying – there’s never the need to load the next episode and watch the first five minutes just so you can bring yourself to stop watching and go to bed.

I’m 22 minutes into When Harry Met Sally now, and loving it. I only know Billy Crystal as he’s looked in more recent decades, and I can’t believe how attractive he was. I do have a soft spot for short men, though, to be fair. It’s a fairly recent realisation, but I think I’ve probably just never allowed myself to like short men before now, because I was still self-conscious about my height (tall).

Anyway, this is a pretty rambling, pointless post, so I guess I’ll wrap up here. This summer has turned out to be very different to what I imagined – much more filled with college work than I had hoped, for a start. But I’ve been getting a lot of satisfaction out of little things like this – my movie dates with myself.


2 thoughts on “Recharging

  1. I love having movie dates with myself. I spent two days having a Cillian Murphy Movie Marathon once. And by the end of it I was starting to speak with an Irish accent. Haha.

    • Haha sounds like something that would happen to me (except that I’m already Irish, of course). I’ve been known to pick up accents of people around me in the space of a night. A Cillian Murphy Movie Marathon sounds like a wonderful idea.

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