Is it possible to choose logic over emotion?

We feel hurt and anger, most often, in a place beneath logic. So it would seem that if you managed to focus on the logic of a situation – on the fact, on the circumstance, on the actual bare bones of the reality – you could avoid some of the more unpleasant feelings in life.

I have tried this. I am an innately logical person, I analyse and I try to understand other people. I am not without empathy, I am not unreasonable. But inevitably, the emotional aftertaste starts to colour the logic, and eventually all I am left with is the churning of feelings that an event brings about. The histrionics burst forth.

But it must be possible. Because there are things in life that make no sense to me otherwise.

This must be how people choose to hurt those they care about. The logical step – the logical conclusion. A decision made for the greater good, to be cruel to be kind. I wouldn’t know, because I have never made a conscious decision that I knew would hurt someone I really cared about unless I was retaliating in some way, licking a wound.

That will sound ridiculous. Of course I have hurt people, I have made hurtful choices, I have said hurtful things, I have repeated things that should not have been repeated. But there is this phenomenon that I have seen in a few people on a few occasions – something like a reverse martyrdom. The clear decision to be harsh, to be cold, to pull away. The email unanswered, the phone not picked up. The clear break.

The only way I can understand it is that they have somehow managed to choose logic over emotion. They have decided that this logical course of action will save them some hurt at a later date – or, worse, they have the presumption to assume that they are saving me some later hurt. There is some logic, there must be.

Because I do not want to think that they are acting on their emotions.


4 thoughts on “Choice

  1. They may be acting on their emotions, but it is not always a logical action. Emotions can be a tricky thing if we don’t know how to handle them; they are like uncharted waters. And in those cases, we react in a way that we feel will bring things to their swiftest conclusion. Otherwise, we’d be left with our emotions and stuck in the same place.

    Yes, logic (illogically) does seem to trump emotions. I think it’s a necessity for some.

    • Wow, confusing, it’s like taking the problem and seeing it from the opposite perspective… But I like to hear your take on it. I guess as the girl who never learned to let go, I just never want to bring anything to a conclusion, swift or otherwise!

  2. Omg my thoughts often revolve around this too and I agree with you! I’m not sure whether I’ve ever done this but I can easily relate: choosing to hurt now to prevent any future disasters…
    Human mind is so wicked!

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