Happiness is

I think I need to figure out how to write about being happy. Seriously. I realised today that I haven’t felt like writing as much in the past few days, and then also realised that I’ve been (mostly, stupid research project excluded) very happy during that time. The two things, on closer inspection, seem to be connected.

I suppose I tend to write about “deep” things like feelings and major life crises etc etc, and those things are just more usually connected to negative feelings. I actually remember having this exact conversation with a friend over a year ago, where we agreed that there seem to be very few emotional states that are conducive to expression. Mundane feelings don’t cut it, but weirdly, it seems equally difficult to sit down to write about anything on the happy spectrum from mildly pleased to ecstatic.

Maybe it’s a good time for me to write about things other than myself, as that’s another thing I’m bad at. To be fair, I’ve rarely tried to write when I’m in a mood like this – the whole problem is that I don’t feel like it in the first place. Or maybe that’s not a bad thing? Unless I decide I want to make a living out of creative writing, I guess.

But I think I’d like to be able to express everything, to record everything. As it is, what I do record tends to be the more negative aspects of what I’m feeling about things, and the days when I smile all the way home slip between the cracks. I’d like to be moved to write simply because it’s a sunny day, or I’m excited about something, or I woke up feeling particularly happy. I know it happens sometimes, that the creative mood strikes at the same time, but I’d like it to happen more often.

Maybe this counts? It’s a start.


6 thoughts on “Happiness is

  1. I used to feel this way, and I sometimes still do to a degree. I’ve gone for whole years at a time when I was just generally content in my life, and felt like I had nothing to write about. And yet I’ve been in the lowest pit of despair and cranked out thousands of words. But if you force yourself to write and keep writing regardless of how you feel, eventually you get tired of writing about the bad stuff that’s happening to you and you search around for other directions to go in. You may not always be inspired (can’t force that), but constant writing is more likely to lead to inspiration. That’s been my experience, anyway. And it took a long time to learn it. And I still don’t always follow my own advice, which means occasionally I’m miserable and not writing.

    • Sounds like good advice, thanks! It’s funny how it seems to work that way for a lot of people. A new direction to go in would be really great for me, I think. I guess I’ll keep trying to crank something out, despite the lack of time and all this darned happiness, haha.

  2. I know what you mean – when I am really happy, I don’t necessarily have the urge to explore that feeling whereas I do when I am feeling sad or stressed. My daily prompts that I have been following mean that I have to blog whatever mood I am in and this has developed a healthy writing habit – I don’t have to write long posts, just something that is on my mind on any given day.

    • Yeah I’m finding that keeping a blog is helping me with this a lot too, it just keeps the flow going or something. I suppose as you say, the urge to explore it isn’t there, and maybe that’s because for most of us, writing is kind of like a form of therapy. I think I might start trying to blog every day, at least once I have a bit more time on my hands, but it wouldn’t hurt to try now too!

  3. Hi Aine,
    Just found your blog. I really like this post — it’s so much easer to write about and explore darker feelings. Writing about happiness/joy/wonder is challenging. Perhaps it feels like bragging, or it seems unnecessary? A good idea to explore this, in my own writing.

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