Creative deficit

I haven’t been posting here so much simply because I haven’t been doing anything creative recently. I feel like I’m on the cusp of it again, but I’ve been so busy with working on my research project and socialising in every spare minute that it just hasn’t been happening.

Even more old ghosts have come out of the woodwork in the past week; it’s turning into a very strange summer. But maybe this means I can put them all to rest, finally. A summer of relationship closure.

Anyway, I keep going onto Amazon and looking at the Canon EOS 1100d, then checking my bank balance, then looking at Amazon again… It looks like I won’t have time to go on any holidays this summer, and I’m starting to use that as an excuse to just fork out and buy myself a camera. My dad’s camera is living in his study again – he just doesn’t seem to like me using it, and won’t let me take it anywhere, despite him only taking about 5 pictures on it a year. So time to buy my own, methinks.

Hopefully being able to lug a camera around with me more will mean I’ll get back into it a bit. And I feel a story gathering in the wings, too. If it wasn’t for this stupid thesis I would probably be doing lots of stuff at the moment, but duty calls…

(Edit: just realised I managed to originally spell ‘deficit’ with an extra ‘e’. What. Or should I say whate.)


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