Fleeting summer

Our wonderful weather came and went, as it tends to do in this country. We’ve had nearly two weeks of dull, rainy weather now, and although I was unhappy about it at first, today I’m relishing it. The last two days, the rain has been coming down properly, rather than depressing us all with a constant, pathetic drizzle, and today a gale has struck up, buffeting the attic in my parents’ house where I’ve come to visit. I went out for a walk earlier, when the rain had died down, and fell in love with the wind all over again.

It’s a happy kind of time for me now, though I am occasionally paralysed by moments of doubt and despair. I am the kind of person who fears, most of all maybe, repeating my own mistakes. If I cannot learn from past unhappiness, it is rendered pointless. And as a person who feels emotions very keenly, I sometimes feel I do not have the strength to face some of what I have in the past.

But these dark patches are few, and even the dullness and boredom of this mandatory research project I don’t care about cannot bring me down. Maybe I will finally learn to stop over-analysing, and to simply step into and live in the moment. I am full of hope.

Still, some nicer weather would be good, if only to encourage me to take photographs again!


2 thoughts on “Fleeting summer

  1. I like this photo. Here we are having our first really hot (32+ C) days of the summer. Rain had been plentiful this spring, but has tapered off of late. The good news is that in my container garden on the deck there are 13 tomatoes on the vine, the jalapeños have begun to form, and the cucumber plant is outgrowing its trellis. We’ve already begun to harvest basil. So I too am full of hope.

    • Thanks! Sounds wonderful, sometimes I wish we got enough sun here to grow things like tomatoes, but then I’m not sure I could take that kind of heat. The last few days have been nicer again, in typical Irish fashion, so I can’t complain!

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