Fresh start of the summer

Irish temperatures have finally caught up with the season, and the population of Dublin are wandering the streets and lounging in parks sporting bare arms and sunburn. My own back is a fetching lobster red, and the vivid white bra strap marks will undoubtedly remain all summer.

But sunburn is one ailment I will never lament, considering its infequency in this country, and the promise it brings for an outdoor, happy kind of season. A lot has changed since I finished the semester, both in my own head and out of it. Some demons may have caught up with me, but I’m shaking them off, maybe this time for good. And I have opened my eyes to discover a whole new possibility has been sitting patiently beside, waiting for me to realise.

It’s the kind of possibility I still can’t quite look straight in the eye, so we sit side by side in the sunshine and just wait. But a change is coming, so fast I have no time to overthink it.

I’m going to let it happen.



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