Summer is coming

Well, I woke up this morning feeling decidedly better, so I guess a good night’s sleep was partly what I needed after all. To be honest, it usually is – I continue to completely underestimate how much tiredness affects my mood.

It feels like the rain is finally stopping this morning, and the sun is sort of pushing through the clouds – summer is finally arriving, I think. It’s been raining a lot since the beginning of May, and that has totally confused me, as I usually get right into the spirit of a season as soon as it changes. So this change of weather is good news for me too. I’m going to walk into town in a bit to have lunch with a friend, and I can’t wait to have that summery feeling of being able to wander anywhere I want in the sunshine.

And then maybe I’ll sit in the sun and read, or some such decadent activity. The capstone project can wait a few days.


7 thoughts on “Summer is coming

  1. Nice photo. It’s true how much sleep matters. I also had an amazing night of sleep last night, deep and filled with esoteric dreams, best I’ve had since getting back from my trip to the other side of the country. I felt 150% better when I woke up. Oh, and congrats on finishing the semester! Good luck with your capstone. We didn’t have to do one in my program. But I chose to do a semester-long independent research project, so that was similar. A colleague even published the resulting paper in his journal, so that was cool.

    • Thanks so much! Yeah I really need to remember next time I’m feeling cranky that sleep may be a huge factor. I probably would have preferred to just do an independent research project, that sounds cool. But I suppose now that it comes to it, doing the group project will be a little easier. As long as everyone pulls their weight!

  2. Ah yeah, at last summer is running here (in my country).
    its really amazing to watch sunshine beside in lake or park in summer.

    I like this photo so much.

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