The smell of unwashed skin.
Jocelyn, she said,
You have to get out of this flat.
I would kill myself,
put the gun to my head
But I don’t want to die in this place.
The tap, tap of the water coming through
it gives me nightmares.
And my mother,
My fucking mother, they don’t give a
They don’t give a shit.
And my fucking mother
And I’m a mother, and Amy –
She says, you can’t see
the wood from the trees.
It’s just a flat, it’s just –
But I had a nice place
in West Cork, how did I get here?
Watership Down, it was like –
The wood from the trees.
I’m a fighter, but it’s
killing my spirit.
It’s killing me.
The tap, tap of the water
coming through.
Fucking Walter Mitty,
I’m just so depressed.
They say Jocelyn,
You’re just so depressed
you can’t get out of it.
And Walter fucking Mitty
would not live in this shit.


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