Publish or Perish

Despite my best intentions, I not only had to deal with the usual onslaught of college work after starting my second semester of library school, but managed to be sick not only once but twice in the past three months. So unfortunately my writing has suffered the consequences.

However, I do have some good news – my University’s literary magazine will be publishing one of my short stories this year! I think this is only the second time I’ve ever submitted anything for publication, so even though it’s just a University publication I’m still quite thrilled at the prospect. It will be the first time I see my own words in print!

Once it’s been published I’ll post it here with the relevant reference to the original publication.


[You can read it here –> Demise]


2 thoughts on “Publish or Perish

  1. Oh, I’ll be interested to read your story! I smiled at your post title. Clever. You are an interesting young person. Muses I like. Sirens … not so much. 😉

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